Projects and Goals

note - this is a temporary file until we can figure out a better project management solution.

This is a list of the projects and goals currently underway with Contributor Experience. Please submit a PR if you are adding your project to this list. To introduce a new project, attend a weekly meeting or drop a note to us on the mailing list - details can be found on our [README]().

Want to contribute? Take a look at this list and the “future” at the bottom. Thank you to all of our contributors for your hard work!

SIG Planning

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Charter SIG Leads Create our first Charter iteration Q1
Projects and Goals (this doc) @parispittman Create Q1
de-SPOF Community Management @castrojo eg: YouTube management Ongoing


Launch a multi-tier strategy test that promote all levels of the contributor ladder and diversity throughout the project.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Group Mentoring @parispittman Launch a test cohort that takes 10 current members to reviewer in 3 k8s repos/projects (kops, kubeadm, workload API). Develop the learning and development workshops. Q1 and ongoing
Meet Our Contributors @parispittman Monthly web series similar to user office hours that allows anyone to ask new and current contributors questions about our process, ecosystem, or their stories in open source Q1 - ongoing
Outreachy @parispittman Document new features, create new conceptual content, create new user paths Q1
Google Summer of Code @nikhita Kubernetes participation in Google Summer of Code for students Q1 - ongoing
“Buddy” Program @parispittman, @chris-short 1 hour 1:1 sessions for new and current contributors to have dedicated time; meet our contributors but personal Q2

Contributor Documentation

Ensure the contribution process is well documented, discoverable, and consistent across repos to deliver the best contributor experience.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Contributor Guide @castrojo Make contributor onboarding easier; first version Q1
Developer Guide @ryanj a comprehensive guide for upstream developers to be a part of the Contributor Guide Q2
New Contributor Website @castrojo A new home for all things community -documentation, KEPs, Mentoring, + more Q2 - ongoing
Label Documentation @spiffxp GitHub is rolling out a label description feature in the future; this is to document the label descriptions for contributors Q1
Issue hygiene @spzala Produce clear understanding and documentation of issue hygiene Q1

Contributor Workflow and Automation

Ensure contributors have a smooth and similar process across repos to deliver the best contributor experience. Provide sufficient automation so that direct write access to repos is no longer required.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Cherry Pick Process @spiffxp Design and Prototype Q2
PR Descriptions @grodrigues3, @spiffxp Automation allowing people to edit pr descriptions for tldr or correct issue / pr; release notes based (design). Define remaining work to be done. Q1 - ongoing

GitHub Management

Set polices and procedures to handle management GitHub settings, permissions, security, and process.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Establish GitHub Management Subproject @cblecker Q3

Project-wide Communication Channels

Build, curate, moderate, and make project wide communication channels accessible.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Slack Admin Guidelines @parispittman First iteration of guidelines to administer slack for 30k+ users Q1
Weekly K8s Community Meeting @castrojo, @parispittman Smooth out weekly community meeting and make adjustments Ongoing
Roadshow @parispittman ContribEx to visit all SIG/WG meetings to deliver messages and collect feedback Ongoing
Communication Documentation @parispittman, @castrojo Create new communication directory and include all information about our communication channels Q1, Q2

DevStats; work devstats into making it the one stop shop for all things upstream Kubernetes data. @phillels is the product owner.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
Graph of the Week @phillels Present at least two graphs a month with explanation about why we care to the community meeting Ongoing
User Guide @jberkus, @parispittman, @tpepper Create a v1 README for DevStats that explains each chart Q2
Data validation @jberkus Ensure that the data that running through the tool is accurate and aggregating the right information ongoing


Curate and produce the best contributor face to face gatherings.

Project Owner(s)/Lead(s) Description Q1, Q2, Later
KubeCon @castrojo, @jberkus, @parispittman Ensure contributors have great content at the event(s) Q2, Q4
KubeCon ContribEx Update and Deep Dive @parispittman, leads Run the 30 min update and 30 min deep dive at the event Q2, Q4


These projects do not have an owner and have not started yet; however, we would like to get them on the slate for sometime this year.

Project Description
Automation of new membership Current process is emailing a googlegroup and an org owner adds person to GH org
Audit schedule Create an audit schedule to make sure all communication pipelines are up and running smoothly eg: check that google group mailing lists have back up owners/maintainers, make sure meetings are following the calendar process, etc.