Kubernetes sig-aws Goals (2017)

IAM improvements

  • We hope to offer a more seamless integration path to taking advantage of IAM roles in Kubernetes
  • We are looking at implementations such as kube2iam

Kubernetes components now have the ability to take advantage of IAM roles. The process is intuitive and easy.

Networking in AWS

  • We hope to offer a knowledge base for networking in Kubernetes on AWS
  • We will consolidate networking reports and metrics around Kubernetes e2e tests and grow our metric list over time

A user can go to a single public location, and see a side by side comparison of networking avenues in Kubernetes on AWS.


  • We need to improve and harden our federation support in AWS

A user can easily deploy, configure, and run a federated Kubernetes cluster across regions in AWS. There is at least 1 central knowledge base for this concern hosted within the community.