August 03, 2016

  • Intro by Michelle
  • Ryan J talked about “Defining Applications in Kubernetes(and Openshift).
    • His presentation can be found here and includes lots of helpful links.
    • He went through some OpenShift primitives that are not in Kubernetes but may show up soon if the community sees a need.
    • There was some in depth discussion about Deployments.
    • Kubernetes has some concepts that came out of OpenShift Deployment Config.
    • Q: What features are in Deployment Config that are high priority to push into Kubernetes Core at the moment? A: (Clayton) Yes. Handling deployment failures at a high level, a generic idea for a trigger controller which watches another system for changes and makes updates to a Deployment, and hooks.
    • Ryan showed off OC which is a command line tool which is a wrapper for kubectl
    • Comment: One of the challenges Kubernetes faces today is that there is not a great way to extensibly pull in new chunks of APIs.
    • This is something that is actively being worked on today. This work is being discussed and worked on in SIG-API-Machinery
    • Free O’Reilly EBooks can be found here courtesy of Red Hat.

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