June 29, 2016

  • Bart Spaans gave a demo and talked about KubeFuse
    • Work with your Kubernetes cluster like it’s a file system
    • You can also edit resources and update them in cluster on writes
    • Find more details in this post
    • Contact Bart on Twitter: @Work_of_Bart
  • The DRUD team showed off how they use Kubernetes Jobs
    • DRUD is a drupal and wordpress management platform built on Kubernetes
    • KubeJobWatcher can be found here
    • For help or questions, reach out to Erin at erin@newmediadenver.com
  • Matt Farina is looking for people to help analyze the data from the sig-apps survey. Volunteers are welcome to reach out to him on Twitter or Slack: @mattfarina.

Watch the recording.