May 18, 2016

  • The first SIG Apps meeting
  • Intro from Michelle
  • Discussion on the future of the SIG:
    • Mike from Rackspace offered to do a demo of the recursive functionality (issue)
    • Idea: solicit the community for cases where their use cases aren’t met.
  • Demo from Prashanth B on PetSets (issue)
    • Supposed to make deploying and managing stateful apps easier. Will be alpha in 1.3.
    • Zookeeper, mysql, cassandra are example apps to run in this
    • A group of elements in the identity of a thing. Initially storage and networking (including name)
    • Scale up and down is handled differently as well.
    • Init containers just went in. Right now most containers start at same time. Init containers let you do one first to initialize the environment.