The 1:1 Hour

One mentor. One mentee. One Hour.

In this mentorship opportunity, you’ll be paired with someone in the ecosystem that can help drive your upstream Kubernetes experience forward with a quick burst of information. The mentee controls the content that will be served during that hour. This is open for new AND current contributors of all levels.

Activities that you can select from include: * pair programming * live code review how-to (for those wishing to be a reviewer or be a better reviewer) * live docs review how-to * live code review of a proposed solution you are working on * codebase tour of a certain area * guidance on your contributor path (advice on becoming an approver, etc.) * AMA session (ask anything!)

We will attempt to match you with the closest mentor of your area of interested or activity.

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If you are interested in signing up to be a mentor for this, please see the mentor guidelines.


Please pardon our dust as we build out the process for this and recruit more mentors.