Meet Our Contributors - Ask Us Anything!

When Slack seems like it’s going too fast, and you just need a quick answer from a human…

Meet Our Contributors gives you a monthly one-hour opportunity to ask questions about our upstream community, watch interviews with our contributors, and participate in peer code reviews.


Every first Wednesday of the month at the following times. Grab a copy of the calendar to yours from * 02:30pm UTC * 08:00pm UTC

Tune into the Kubernetes YouTube Channel to follow along with video and #meet-our-contributors on Slack for questions and discourse.

What’s on-topic:

  • How our contributors got started with k8s
  • Advice for getting attention on your PR
  • GitHub tooling and automation
  • Your first commit
  • kubernetes/community
  • Testing

What’s off-topic:

Submitting questions and/or code for review/walk through:


Questions will be on a first-come, first-served basis. First half will be dedicated to questions for contributors and the second half, we will pick a problem (in advance) for peer code review.

Code snip / PR for peer code review / Suggestion for part of codebase walk through:

  • At least 24 hours before the session to slack channel (#meet-our-contributors)

Problems will be picked based on time commitment needed, skills of the reviewer, and if a large amount are submitted, need for the project.

Call for Volunteers:

Contributors - sign up to answer questions!

Expectations of volunteers: * Be on 5 mins early. You can look at questions in the queue by joining the #meet-our-contributors slack channel to give yourself some prep. * Expect questions about the contribution process, membership, navigating the kubernetes seas, testing, and general questions about you and your path to open source/kubernetes. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer! * We will be using video chat (zoom but live streaming through YouTube) but voice only is fine if you are more comfortable with that. * Be willing to provide suggestions and feedback to make this better!