Group Mentoring for Contributor Ladder Growth

This is a work in progress


This is an experimental group mentoring program where individuals will work self-paced in a semi-structured learning environment over the course of three months. Want to get /lgtm rights? Be a decision maker in an OWNERS file? This could be a great way to get the knowledge you need, some accountability to do it. Through this program you will get the opportunity to interact with active contributors who may be on the same path as you as well very experienced Kubernetes contributors (Pilots).

How This Works

This program is built around our community membership guidelines. This doc shows how you can grow through the project in different roles and provides the requirements to get to each level on our ladder.

A cohort will consist of 8-10 individuals aiming to achieve the same goal - the next stage on the contributor ladder - with the help of 3 Pilots representing 3 different projects. For example, our first test cohort is Member -> Reviewer in SIG Apps, SIG Cluster Lifecycle, and SIG AWS. The semi-structured learning element will happen in bi-weekly standups/workshops over zoom with various development areas targeted.

Each cohort will last 2-3 months based on the time requirement in the community membership guidelines per level.

Benefits of a Cohort

  • Peer mentoring
  • Clear goals, objectives, and timelines
  • Each mentee is working toward the same goal, cohort has an end date/timeframe
  • Exposure to multiple areas of the project making well-rounded contributors
  • Pilots share time commitments and responsibilities


SIGs and other parts of the project will reach out to SIG Contributor Experience with requests for additional roles and provide a Pilot that is not the lead but at the same level they are targeting.

Mentees will fill out the Mentoring/Contributor Info Form which will eventually be posted to and included in PR template. Based on responses, mentees will be matched with future cohorts.

Feedback is continuous but will have a half way check in point. The goal is that mentees should not be surprised by the outcome of the program.

First Cohort

Our founding cohort is a predetermined set of mentees and Pilots. Our main goal with this cohort is to establish that group mentoring is viable for our workflow and culture. They will begin in mid-December and end around the end of February.

[Mentor Guide] - to be updated
Mentee Guide