Cloud Provider BaiduCloud

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Baidu is a gold member of CNCF and we have a large team working on Kubernetes and related projects like complex scheduling, heterogeneous computing, auto-scaling etc. We build cloud platform to support Baidu emerging business including autonomous driving, deep learning, blockchain by leveraging Kubernetes. We also provide public container services named cloud container engine(CCE).



  • Building, deploying, maintaining, supporting, and using Kubernetes on Baidu Cloud Container Engine(CCE) and Baidu Private Cloud(BPC). Both of the project are built on Kubernetes and related CNCF project.

  • Designing, discussing, and maintaining the cloud-provider-baidu repository under Github Kubernetes project.


  • Identify domain knowledge and work that can be contributed back to Kubernetes and related CNCF projects.

  • Mentor CCE and BPC developers to contribute to CNCF projects.

  • Focus on Kubernetes and CNCF related projects, the discussion of development issue for CCE and BCP will not be included in the SIG.


Repository Requirements

The repository url which meets all the requirements is:

User Experience Reports

CCE-ticket-1 CCE-ticket-1: User want to get the Kubernetes cluster config file by using account’s aksk.

CCE-ticket-2 CCE-ticket-2: User want to modify the image repository’s username.

CCE-ticket-3 CCE-ticket-3: User want to have multi-tenant ability in a shared large CCE cluster.


Subproject Leads

The subproject will have 3 leaders at any given time. I will be an initial point of contact as we work on creating the subporject. My github account is: tizhou86

I will be the subproject leader at this moment. My github account is: tizhou86.


The repository we propose at this moment is: kubernetes/cloud-provider-baiducloud, I’ll be the initial point of contact.


We plan to have bi-week online meeting at on every next Wednesday 6pm PST.


NA at this moment.