Vote for justinsb!

You can see my full “manifesto” here; we’ve been asked to provide a shorter summary here.

This election is critical. The steering committee is not an honorary position; it has effectively unlimited powers. Serving is a duty, not a privilege, and I humbly ask for your vote.

I have been involved with Kubernetes since before 1.0, primarily on AWS support (I am a lead of sig-aws), but also contributed the original multi-zone & NodePort support. I also started the kops project, to produce an open-source and consistent Kubernetes installation tool. I’m an independent, working with Kubernetes in my day job but not employed to contribute to it, so I contribute instead where I see a problem or an unmet need.

If elected, I will serve wearing my own two hats: that of a developer on the project contributing because it is a positive personal experience, and that of an end-user of Kubernetes valuing a stable and straightforward product.

I believe I bring particularly strong experience on non-GCE, non-Redhat platforms, and on the realities of maintaining projects outside the core repo. I think these are likely to be some of the most challenging areas for the steering committee.

My manifesto:

(Abbreviated from here )

  • Reach decisions quickly & consistently; communicate them clearly.

  • Value a clear and efficient developer process.

  • Empower the release team with the goal of producing a more stable release.

  • Figure out how to delegate to SIGs without creating fiefdoms.

  • Streamline our processes.

  • Promote experimentation with alternative processes amongst our many projects, balancing against the need for a consistent experience, allow the best approaches to “bubble-up”.