Timothy St. Clair

Contact Information


I’ve been involved in the Kubernetes project since 2014, and prior to that I was an active member in the Mesos community, with over 10+ years of experience working on open source projects across a plethora of communities. During my tenure, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of great folks working on various SIGs:

  • SIG Scheduling & Testing (Lead)
  • SIG Scale, Cluster Life-cycle, API Machinery, Node (Contributor)

Why I want to be on the Steering Committee (Optimize, Simplify, and Empower)

Time is our most precious commodity, and few things can be more frustrating than wanting to contribute only to watch patches bit-rot, have legitimate issues sit unaddressed, or type /retest for the 10th time. My primary goal in running for a position on the steering committee is optimize processes such that no one feels like their time is wasted working on this project. As of today, the process that a contributor needs to follow is byzantine, and can be daunting for folks who are new to the community. (Optimize)

However, it doesn’t stop there. In order for the community to thrive, we need to continually reevaluate our processes to ensure what we are doing makes sense, and ensure those processes are simple and concise. (Simplify)

Lastly, I want to help promote and empower folks in the community to take on some of the roles that have traditionally been filled by google. Once core aspects of the test and release process can be done by non-googlers I think we’ve reached a point where we have empowered the broader community. (Empower)

Where I work