Rob Hirschfeld Bio

Governance Perspective: it’s about people, not tech

Open source infrastructure automation is a critical foundation for the Internet and, thus, advancing society as a whole. In a very practical way, protecting open software is essential to building a better world. I am seeking a seat on the Kubernetes Steering Committee because I bring special perspectives to governing the project.

Leadership: Technical, Open Source and Business

I’ve demonstrated practical and relevant experience to building open governance at this stage in our development.

  • Open source project founder (Digital Rebar, Crowbar): I know the challenges of sustaining contribution
  • Operator: I’ve run infrastructure and founded the SIG Cluster Ops group to give a voice for operators. I focus professionally on helping promote SRE and DevOps practices.
  • Founding OpenStack board member (4 terms): I’ve built open governance processes and done the hard work to build conformance and core definition (#DefCore) patterns.
  • Start-up founder (RackN.com): I’ve done every role and am willing to get my hands dirty. I understand the needs for small companies trying to support large projects.
  • Dell Executive: I’ve been part of large organizations and know how to explain things in corporate speak to protect project interests.
  • Technologist: I still write code and build applications as needed so I understand the very specific concerns of delivering working platforms.

TL;DR: Collaborative and Principled

Most importantly, I’m collaborative by nature. I know how to stand my ground and fight without being a jerk or excluding people. I can be one of the advocates that the Kubernetes community needs as we build formal governance.

Governance means being able to say no and keep consensus.