Phillip Wittrock Bio

GitHub: @pwittrock

Problem solving style

  • Incremental approach to problem solving
  • Try new things - build and iterate on minimalist solutions

What I find important

I care deeply about helping people feel positive about what they are doing and empowered to do more. Within the Kubernetes community, I would like to focus on helping ensure contributors’:

  • time and contributions are impactful
  • time and contributions are recognized and appreciated
  • opinions are listened to and valued

Where I see myself contributing

I believe it is important for the processes for contribution and maintenance of the project to be well communicated and understood within the community. I would like to be involved in areas owned by the SC such as - helping to develop a SIG charter template, simplifying the contributor ladder, documenting resources the community has, and helping to find a home for unowned areas of the project.

Roles held

Since joining the community in 2015, I have made contributions in various roles (developer, SIG-lead, docs, release manager) across the project. Working in these capacities has given me insight into the challenges faced throughout the project.

Areas of the project I have contributed to include: node, kubectl, service catalog, docs and release.

Current SIG lead positions I hold

  • Co-founded SIG-cli
  • Co-founded SIG-release

Emeritus SIG lead positions I have held (brief tenure)

  • Bootstrap SIG-contribX
  • Bootstrap SIG-docs

Relevant non-technical contributions

  • (release) Changed management role from an individual to a team with defined roles
  • (release) Proposals for streamlining and automating various processes
  • Published community membership ladder developed from draft (draft by Brian Grant)
  • 1.4 release czar
  • Participated in 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 releases

Where I work