Michael Rubin Bio

GitHub: @matchstick

About Me

I have been a software engineer, technical manager, and leader for ~20 years. I am passionate about helping projects and people thrive. Today I lead a number of Kubernetes teams at Google, including Storage, Networking, Multi-cluster, Node, and more.

I love coding and technology, but even more than that I love mentoring others and helping them to have impact and grow professionally. This is why I choose to support teams and projects as a technical manager.

My leadership style is to bring sharp focus to technical efforts, and to help others become successful leaders, themselves. I find that many technology problems are not purely technical, and one of my biggest strengths is my ability communicate, connect with people, and get to the root of a problem. People are not machines, and they need different skills than just pure engineering.

During my 1.5 years with Kubernetes, I have worked directly and indirectly with several SIGs - Storage, Multi-cluster, Networking, Scheduling, and Node. I think I have brought clarity and structure to the efforts, helped organize priorities and roadmaps, and helped the teams and individuals grow. I have built lasting relationships with the people of Kubernete, and not just the code.

As a member of the Steering Committee, I would focus on:

  • Cross SIG efforts and how to co-ordinate them
  • Getting more things out of core, but keeping them part of Kubernetes
  • Maintain the cool, open and inviting environment we have today
  • Delegate and empower others by adding structure (not process)