Kris Nova

What is important to me

Mental, philosophical, and design diversity. Period.

I truly believe that the best teams and projects are those that embrace unique and sometimes conflicting ways of thinking.

Having a leadership board of people who all think the same way, and all are moving in the right direction is stale and stagnant.

  • I want to help foster diversity in Kubernetes in both our design process, but also our goals and philosophies.
  • I want to encourage my peers to put themselves into difficult, or testing situations in order to help grow and mature.
  • I want to let others know that it’s okay to try something and fail as we all learn as a scientific community.

Work in the community

  • I spend as much of my free time as humanly possible contributing to Kubernetes.
  • I take impromptu video calls with total strangers.
  • I helped run sig-aws even though it conflicted with my dayjob.
  • I created kubicorn in my free time and it has been reviewed as one of the best open source projects to contribute to in the space.

Reasons to pick me

I think differently.

I question the world around me, and have been in a ton of different roles in engineering space. Including time in both genders.

I believe that software comes first.

I love kubernetes regardless of my employer, and will always contribute because I believe in it. I believe the way we continue to keep the project great is to focus on community, as well as writing kick ass software with a great user interface.


I embrace being different and want to clean up our code and improve user experience.