Jaice Singer DuMars

Contact Information

Why me?

The steering committee represents a unique convergence of my passion for servant leadership, organizational dynamics, inclusion, advocacy, and process optimization. It’s always my highest purpose to be a voice and advocate for those I serve. And, if elected, I will faithfully serve the ever-changing, sometimes divergent, and always important needs of the Kubernetes community.

Servant leadership

Since my first moments in the community, I have sought out every opportunity I can to make things better. I wrote an article about this called What Kubernetes means to me that will shed some light on my journey to this point. My contributions to the community currently include leading the 1.8 release team, co-leading SIG Azure, SIG Architecture, and SIG Cluster Ops (although Rob Hirschfeld has been covering for me while I work on the release). I have facilitated every release retrospective since 1.3, and have improved my typing skills by note taking at countless SIG meetings. I also work behind the scenes on Community things with Sarah and Jorge.


I’ve been in love with systems, networks, and the human elements of interconnectivity since I was a SysOp on a BBS as a teenager. My first hack was in grade school, making the Oregon Trail game say naughty things. In the time since, I have been a systems and network engineer, and held several engineering management directorships at companies large and small. At Microsoft, all I do is Kubernetes, so I definitely have the organizational support to carry out my duties on the committee.