Ihor Dvoretskyi



Anywhere else: @idvoretskyi

About me

I’m a Developer Advocate for Cloud Native Computing Foundation, open source lover, passionate about the technologies and open source adoption; with the deep technical background, together with program and product management experience in the open source world. In a previous life, I’ve been a System Administrator and DevOps Engineer, passionate about the Cloud technologies. Later, I’ve joined Mirantis, one of the largest players in the OpenStack world, where I’ve started my collaboration with OpenStack community.

I’ve enjoyed Kubernetes since the early days. I’ve started researching it in mid-2014 when it was publicly announced; I’ve been using for my projects it in mid-2015 when it had reached its 1.0 milestone; and I’ve started contributing (as an individual contributor) to Kubernetes in late-2015, when I felt that my knowledge and experience might be useful for the project.

As a Kubernetes Community member, I’m mostly focused on Product- and Project-management areas, with the primary interest in the features and roadmap scope.
For Kubernetes 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 I’ve been unofficially involved in the release process with the features tracking and management.
Since Kubernetes 1.6 release cycle (and continued these efforts during 1.7 and 1.8), I’ve joined the release teams as the release manager, responsible for the features.
Finally, I’ve been one of the co-founders of SIG-PM, responsible for managing Kubernetes-as-a-project and Kubernetes-as-a-product.

Besides that, as an individual with OpenStack community background, I’m co-leading SIG-OpenStack, building the relationships between two major open source communities.

What’s next?

As a vendor-neutral Kubernetes contributor, I’m going to continue my work on enhancing Kubernetes as an open source project, technology stack, and one of the largest open source communities in the world.