Ilya Dmitrchenko


Ilya has been contributing to Kubernetes since 2014. The focus of his contributions has been on solving general cluster provisioning and bootstrap problems and making networking easier. For example in 2016, he did the groundwork on the initial version of kubeadm.

Ilya is a DX engineer at Weaveworks and is based in London. From there he travels (mostly in Europe) to educate the wider community about the benefits of containers and orchestration with Kubernetes. Ilya would be delighted to represent the European users as a member of the steering committee.

Most recently, he started participating in organised community activities whose aim is to solve the problems and the needs of end users who have Kubernetes in production or who are looking to put it in production. To that end, he is a member of the London Production User Council, and together with other contributors launched Kubernetes Office Hours.

To learn more about Ilya’s background and why he deeply cares about the community, please take a look at his personal blog.

Key Priorities

  • Customer success with open-source Kubernetes
  • Ease of use, in majority of general cases
  • Growth of the community, and fairness
  • Social and technical diversity

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