Doug Davis


I’ve been working on open source projects, and standards, for about 17 years, starting with being a co-initiator of the Apache Axis project; working on WS-* related projects and specifications, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker and now Kubernetes, including as a co-lead of the Service-Catalog Incubator. I also founded the Web Services Testing Forum, a consortium of Web Service providers and consumers designed for interop testing of SOAP/WS-* specifications, as well as the soaphub on-line collaboration chat tool used by several communities.

Throughout this time the importance of an open, fair and streamlined collaboration process has really been a center piece of my activities and goals for these projects.

Steering Committee

The stated scope of the Steering Committee focuses on helping the Kubernetes community define and optimize many of the (sometimes less than glamorous, but necessary) processes and infrastructure that’s critical to keeping a community like Kubernetes healthy and successful.

Kubernetes, as one of the fastest growing OSS projects, needs to navigate and manage the complexities associated with this explosive growth very carefully. The importance of balancing the need for continued enhancements, managing stability of the code base, all while ensuring the community of developers and users feel their contributions (from code, issues and feedback) are welcome, respected and addressed in a timely fashion can not be understated. This will require people who can consider the challenges from multiple perspective, not just from a developer’s.

I believe that my background in the open communities I’ve been involved with have given me a good perspective on what works, what doesn’t and which might be best for an organization like Kubernetes.