Derek Carr

  • GitHub: @derekwaynecarr
  • Employer: Red Hat

Roles Held

  • Co-founder, lead: sig-node, wg-resource-management
  • Participate: api-machinery, autoscaling, federation, scheduling, service-catalog

About me

I joined in 2014 as an early external contributor. After the first developer summit, I realized I had a lot to learn from the experience of others. My first PR enabled people to contribute to the project by running Kubernetes in a VM. Mentors in the community helped multiply the quality of my contributions. With their help, I designed and implemented namespaces, quota, limits, and much of the supporting internal machinery like admission control, indexers, and clients prior to the 1.0 release.

As the project grew, SIGs developed to support specialized collaboration. I co-lead SIG node and advocate for expanded workload support and improvements to node reliability. To improve cross-SIG collaboration, I co-founded the Resource Management Working Group to define a multi-release roadmap across SIGs (node, scheduling, storage, etc). The cross-SIG working group concept has been adopted across the community. I participate in multiple incubator projects with code and coaching on technology and process. As every maintainer acknowledges, it is impossible to know everything about Kubernetes. I prioritize mentoring others to help them grow their scope and sustain the project.

My experience reflects both a breadth and depth of commitment across Kubernetes that would benefit the committee. I have a pragmatic approach to problem solving that builds from the expertise of others and adopts minimal solutions that have the best potential outcome. I iterate and improve. As a member of the community, I hope the steering committee adheres to the same general approach.

Where I see myself contributing

  • Responsibly grow contributor pool across all disciplines
  • Clarify scope, structure, and responsibilities of SIGs and roles within
  • Enhance Code of Conduct to nurture an inclusive, diverse, and open community