caleb miles

Contact Information

  • GitHub/Slack: @calebamiles
  • Email:

Problem solving style

I am a huge fan of ideas which simplify and unify, possibly due to my undergraduate study of physics and mathematics. I believe that collaboration is incredibly important and that continuous feedback on incremental solutions are likely to produce the best outcome. I therefore try spend a lot of time talking with people about the problems that are important to them before stepping back to try to introduce a minimal solution based on their concerns.

Problems that are important to me

I believe that addressing the dual challenge of communicating what everyone is working on to other developers, and then explaining that work to users is one of the most pressing issues for Kubernetes today.

I also believe that we need to invest in the contributor experience particularly by better supporting new contributors with mentorship programs, especially for the self taught, new graduates, and underrepresented communities. If we are going to be a successful and sustainable project we need to ensure that we maintain a healthy pipeline of new contributors while at the same time reducing the workload for more established contributors.

Scaling contributions is another serious challenge for the project and I am very interested in working on helping to support the effort to rethink the Kubernetes release process.

Roles held

I joined the community in 2016 since then I have made shallow contributions to

  • SIG Contributor Experience
  • SIG Release
  • SIG PM
  • SIG Testing

as well as serving in a minor capacity in the 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 releases. I currently help to facilitate

  • SIG PM, co lead and co founder
  • SIG Release, co lead and co founder

Where I work