Adnan Abdulhussein

  • GitHub/Slack/Twitter: @prydonius
  • Email:


I joined the Kubernetes community in 2016, and have contributed in a number of capacities since:

  • Core contributor of Helm
  • Co-leading the Kubernetes Charts project
  • Kicked off the Helm incubation process and community docs
  • Co-leading SIG Apps
  • Regularly speaking and advocating for Kubernetes

Prior to my involvement in Kubernetes, I have been an active maintainer of Bitnami’s open source container images. My work at Bitnami is heavily focused on making containers and Kubernetes both accessible and easy to use.

I am honoured to be amongst the amazing group of people nominated for the Steering Committee. If elected, my goal will be to help Kubernetes grow into a rich and diverse community.

Where I see myself contributing

As someone who isn’t completely focused on Kubernetes core, I think an important part of the project is the ecosystem around it. I am deeply interested in being part of discussions, as part of the Steering Committee, to define the vision of the project, and to decide what relevant sub-projects should be part of Kubernetes to continue building a strong ecosystem and brand. This also means making sure sub-projects have the resources they need (i.e. CI, documentation websites) to succeed and promote their roles in the overall project.

The diversity and inclusivity is one of the things that I value the most about the Kubernetes community. I think it’s important that we uphold these values when defining and practicing a Code of Coduct and refining the contributor experience.

Another area of the Steering Commitee I’m interested in is furthering the transparency and accountability for SIGs. I believe improving the communication and enabling more knowledge sharing will empower both community and consumers.

Where I work