Aaron Crickenberger

I can be reached as @spiffxp on github, slack, gmail, linkedin, twitter, soundcloud, etc

What I’ve done

I have been involved in open source projects since 2007, cloud related projects since 2009, and Kubernetes since 2015.

I co-founded SIG Testing. I actively contribute in SIG Contributor Experience, Release, Scale. If you attend the weekly Kubernetes Community meetings, chances are you’ve seen me (or at least my beard.)

I have participated in every Kubernetes release since v1.4. I drafted release notes for v1.4 and v1.5. I am a member of of the v1.8 release team.

I helped found the kubernetes/community repo.

What I’ll do

The same thing we do every night Pinky…

I will advocate for transparency and accountability in our decision making process. I will strive for simplicity and human-sized solutions to large-scale problems where possible. I will continue to push for community empowerment and ownership of key project responsibilities. Narf.

Where I work

Samsung SDS, as part of the Cloud Native Computing Team