Steering Committee Update

Notes by @jberkus

Showed list of Steering Committee backlog.

We had a meeting, and the two big items we’d been pushing on hard were:

  • votining in the proposals in the bootstrap committee
  • how we’re going to handle incubator and contrib etc.

Incubator/contrib: one of our big concerns are what the the consequences for projects and ecosystems. We’re still discussing it, please be patient. In the process of solving the incubator process, we have to answer what is kubernetes, which is probably SIGs, but what’s a SIG, and who decides, and … we end up having to examine everything. In terms of deciding what is and isn’t kubernetes, we want to have that discussion in the open. We also recognize that the project has big technical debt and is scary for new contributors.

We’re also trying to figure out how to bring in new people in order to have them add, instead of contributing to chaos. So we need contributors to do mentorship. We also need some tools for project management, if anyone wants to work on these.

We’re also going to be working on having a code of conduct for the project, if you want to be part of that discussion you can join the meetings. For private concerns: One of the challenges is deciding how enforcement will work. We’ve had a few incidents over the last 2 years, which were handled very quietly. But we’re having more people show up on Slack who don’t know norms, so feel free to educate people on what the community standards are. As our project expands across various media, we need to track the behavior of individuals.

Q: “Can SIGs propose a decision for some of the stuff on the backlog list and bring it to the SC?” A: “Yes, please!”

The other big issue is who owns a SIG and how SIG leaders are chosen. The project needs to delegate more things to the SIGs but first we need to have transparency around the SIG governance process.

Q: “As for What Kubernetes Is: is that a living document we can reference?” A: “There’s an old one. I have a talk on Friday about updating it.”

There’s also the question of whether we’re involved in “ecosystem projects” like those hosted by the CNCF. Things will change but the important thing is to have a good governance structure so that we can make transparent decisions as things change.