Scaling New Contributors

Lead: Vishnu Kannan
Notetaker: Chris Love

New pull requests are plateauing in k/k Takes much longer for a PR to get through

Contributor Experience 3 mo for PR merged - minor PR that was a fix Nobody reviewed - was ignored PRs are lacking process to get them on milestones Lack of organization and understanding PR process There is a need for a sig buyin We have a explicate state machine, instead of a implicate state machine We do have a well defined process for new contributors to follow We need to have committed resources to a PR, File an issue first, then file a PR When the needs sig is there, the issue will be processed and you can find out which sig

What is the problem No time to review PRs

Mentoring Program Mentoring program overview Common theme is that we do not have time to review PR Bootcamps for new contributors

Lot of Common Complaints

Tests did not pass what happened Devstats Everyone needs to look at the stats We are currently bottlenecked at approvers not reviews

How to fix the problem SIG Leads are too busy Have another role within the sigs for mentors Can we label the issues in terms of complexity Sig-cli has it documented in a contributor guide Incentivizing mentoring How do we help take the load off of the approvers pool, how do we improve reviews How many times a reviewer say lgtm Reviewer performance We need to document what a good review looks like Guidance on progress to contributor -> reviewer -> maintainer How does maintain a good citizenship in the community Put the documentation into Simple use-case examples on how to get a PR in Give contributors some responsibilities Planned workshop on how to get a PR merged Contributor based workshop Ask questions on #kubernetes-dev We need to document how to get answers We need to move our documents into Sigs may not want to have new contributors We need to cleanup those who are inactive in k/k - OWNERS and MAINTAINERS How do we create incentives? If they are autosigned an issue and do not respond - we need to measure that metric How do we fix the release process in terms of what is in a release, because we do not have a target we do not know what we are shooting at We need to figure out what new contributors are working on Start off by using kubernetes then become contributors