Contributor Summit - KubeCon 2017

Cloud Native Design/Refactoring across Kubernetes

*Lead: Joe Beda(*@jbeda)*

*Co-lead: Amit Kumar Jaiswal(*@AMIT_GKP)*


Explore how to cleanly support cloud-native behaviors, such as standardized Kubernetes logs, injectable configuration and common queryable APIs in Kubernetes components. While this discussion isn’t only about containers, orchestrating OpenStack deployment/management within Kubernetes via OpenStack-Helm or Kolla-Kubernetes paves the way for better upgrade capabilities. They will also improve the ability to run individual Kubernetes services independently or in combination with other adjacent technologies.


  1. Cloud Native Ecosystems

  2. Kubernetes Abstractions & Primitives

  3. Kubernetes Design Patterns

  4. Refactoring across Kubernetes

  5. Benefits of using Kubernetes


** **- We’re looking for someone to help us out on issues related to refactoring across Kubernetes like Issues#51405, #46735, #54090, #55151

- Consolidating volume util files like *pkg/volume/util.go, pkg/volume/util/util.go, pkg/volume/util/volumehelper/volumehelper.go *[need better documentation of each file is to emcompass]

- Enhancing e2e tests to track cloud provider’s API Quotas

- Like changing fluentd to use CRI log Path and eventually deprecates the old container path

- Issues with deploying/adopting Kubernetes for specific applications use-cases


- Security and granularity across Kubernetes

- Kube API issues like it should not depend on *--cloud-provider* and *--cloud-config*

- Helping us out with API documentation and Configuring Best Practices?

- What are the new tools to deal with testing frameworks for NFV/SDN across Kubernetes?

- Kubelet Flag subfields precedence v/s files/ConfigMaps to Kubelet Config

- How to dynamically provision an AWS EBS volume from a snapshot?

- Work around Object definition in OpenAPI schema like definition of the *PersistentVolumeSpec, PersistenceVolumeClaimSpec*

- Work around support for FUSE client for K8s cephfs.

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