Community Building & Ladder Session

Original Title: “Building community effectiveness (Contributor ladder, Code of Conduct & Committee)”

  • Session Area: Community
  • Topic Facilitator(s): Sarah Novotny
  • Note-taker(s) (Collaborating on this doc):
    • Rob Hirschfeld @zehicle
    • Jess Frazzelle
  • Person responsible for converting to Markdown & uploading to Github: Rob Hirschfeld @zehicle

Session Notes

Classes of Communities being discussed: * Developer / User - using the API * Developer / Operator - running the Infrastructure / DevOps * Developer / Contributor - writing the Kubernetes code, docs, any sort of non-technical contribution

Topics/Conversation Thread:

  • Luke: How to get more people writing code in a sig, encourage new contributors to start contributing
    • How sig leads can do a better job of encouraging contributors
    • Defining contributions outside of code, people who plan face to faces, things that help build the community but are not necessarily limited to code
  • Bob: contrib was declared dead, but if you are doing dev work in the community it is not clear where to put ideas out there for feedback
    • Incubation bar is super high
    • Things bigger than features, tools, etc
  • Michael: talking about getting people involved without creating schedule risk
    • There is a spreadsheet that people are using to track priorities of tasks
    • Need to watch Shepherding bandwidth
  • Sarah suggested that we need to make sure that reviewers are tagged as mentors also
    • Helps people know who to ask for help, so they don’t stall
  • Kris: it helps to get people to self-identify people’s interests in contributing
  • Michael: use SIG meetings for status and encourage people to connect outside of meetings
  • Jess: Suggested making sure to bring people in with an open item
    • It helps to make introductions at the start of the meeting
  • Kris - Bob: Office hours? Alternate weeks for the SIG
  • Michael: Make sure to create a safe space - admit mistakes to be more inclusive
  • Luke: there are a lot of people who are listening but not taking on work

Group discussed ways to get people to move into activity contributors

  • Sarah: hiring Community Manager role - first job will be to create a mentor pairing program
  • Michael: challenge is that companies want their people to be counted as contributors.
    • Discussion: this results in gamification and people not being able to participate
    • There’s some organization learning
    • We need to be aware of the conflicts
  • Rob brought up that there are people entering the community who are not doing things that capture work that’s passive or just using
    • Bob described a similar issue w/ Scale where the value is creating data and running tests
  • Contributor ladder needs to include people who are using / operating without making code or docs contributions. We want to capture their experience and welcome
  • Jess - could even use twitter activity and collect survey results
  • Rob - it can be a very good thing to have a large passive audience
    • Sarah - as long as there is enough people doing contribution
    • Rob suggested that we may want user/operator SIGs that act as onboarding and then direct people to more specific SIGs


Key Takeaways / Analysis of Situation

  • SIGs have a lot of passive participants. - This may be OK
  • We discussed ways to get passive users more engaged including
    • introductions at start of meetings
    • mentor pairings for new
    • asking them about area of interest
    • Pairing people for out-of-meeting 1x1 based on time zones
    • Keep SIG meeting as status and drive out-of-meeting action
  • There is a problem when companies reward people only on contributions of specific types or projects

Recommendations & Decisions Moving Forward (High-Level)

  • Create a User SIG for onboarding new users and directing them into other SIGs. This would effectively be an ongoing 101
  • Restart Cluster Ops SIG storytelling for operators and write them down
  • SIGs to use off-weeks for office hours

Specific Action Items (& Owners)

None Taken