Project Goals & Roadmap

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  • Session Topic: Project Goals and Roadmap
  • Topic Facilitator(s): Apart Sinha, Google & Ihop Dvoretskyi, Mirantis
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Session Notes

(primarily discussion, for the presentation see: Link )

BGrant: Need help formalizing the proposal process, it’s not documented, need to automate assignment of the proposals, reach out to Brian Grant -

  • Q: Don’t we want to stop taking features? A: We’ll take the idea, but not necessarily implement

Anecdote: IBM has struggled with how to contribute Lots of cross-SIG implementations, needs improvement Containerization growth 3% to 15% in a year Lower number than expected of companies doing orchestration ECS is at the top

  • Q: Does Docker mean the docker runtime? A: Yes. Not swarm or orch tools, data is very consistent across surveys - means we need to be a strong community and understand the roadmap implications of the users. Last docker survey said people use Docker for development

Aparna: We’re aware of the developer experience, but it needs more attention

Node has a huge surface area, and we saw in Borg as well. Every feature touches node/API Machinery

M Rubin: Perception piece that it’s easy to tie something to node, so it’s an easy place to throw things

BGrant:Need to take that into account when triaging

BGrant: check out Istio

MRubin: Need to look at HPC more

Bburns: More conflict re: numa vs. stable kubernetes

Etune: The list was not authoritative

Bburns: Are we after people with “deep pockets” or are we after the community?

Jbeda: work on decoupling over prioritizing new features in the wrong direction

R Hirschfeld: the initial build experience is very important to overall community health

M Rubin: need to make deprio clear, and why Need to make it clear that we’re working on first getting things out of k/k SIGs have the ability to set the roadmap

BGrant: lots of critical features that big users need i.e. RBAC, in beta over introducing new APIs, some users will not use non-GA features


Key Takeaways / Analysis of Situation

Recommendations & Decisions Moving Forward (High-Level)

Specific Action Items (& Owners)

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