Kubernetes 1st Birthday Announcement

Dear Kubernauts,

Happy birthday! The Kubernetes community is celebrating the first anniversary for the v1.0 release on July 21st, 2016. We are reaching out to you as the chief point(s) of contact for your local Kubernetes meetup to encourage you to throw a Kubernetes birthday party!

This is very exciting for the Kubernetes community, and we are happy to support your party planning efforts. We have swag we can provide (including awesome Kubernetes party hats!) and we will do our best to support your other endeavors.

Since the actual anniversary is on July 21st, that date will likely be receiving the majority of the press and social media attention. But, by no means do you need to force your meetup to happen on July 21st; any time in late July or early August works great! We’re just hoping to get more people excited about Kubernetes and get users and developers meeting across the world.

You may additionally be interested in joining the Kubernetes Meetup leads mailing list where you can meet other organizers and swap tips. The CNCF is also working with Kubernetes meetups to offer support for things like Meetup.com fees and events, including financial support up to $250 for some official meetups. For more information on that effort, you can contact Chris Aniszczyk and Brett Preston.

Please contact us via this Google form with any questions / requests / suggestions for your meetup. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly (czahedi@google.com and sarahnovotny@google.com). We hope to hear from you soon!

Lastly, if you know other people working with Kubernetes, please send this invitation their way! It could be a great chance for them to plug into a Meetup.com group or the mailing list above.

And lest we forget, I’m Cameron Zahedi. I’ll be working with Sarah on her Kubernetes community endeavors, and I’m happy to help (or find the right person to help!) wherever possible.


Cameron and Sarah (on behalf of the Kubernetes Community.)