###Kubernetes Developer’s Summit Discussion Topics Voting ### A voting poll for discussion topic proposals has been created, and the link to the poll can be found here.

The poll will close on 10/07/16 at 23:59:59 PDT.

How Does it Work?

#### The voting uses the Condorcet method, which relies on relative rankings to pick winners. You can read more about the Condorcet method and the voting service we’re using on the CIVS website.

There are 27 topics to choose from, and you will rank them from 1 (favorite) to 27 (least favorite). You can also mark “no opinion” on topics that you don’t wish to include in the ranking.

The poll on CIVS has just the topic titles for ease of viewing. For topic descriptions, please see this spreadsheet. The topic order on the voting service should mirror the order on the spreadsheet.

You will note the message saying “Only the 15 favorite choices will win the poll”. CIVS requires a number be selected for winners, and we have arbitrarily chosen 15. The final schedule may include more or less than 15 of the submitted topics.

A Small Request


In order to make the poll accessible via URL, it has to be made “public”. This means than any unique IP address can vote, which can be easily exploited for multiple votes.

We fully expect the community to behave with sportsmanship and only vote once, and as such we almost didn’t bring this concern up to begin with. However, we have chosen to explicitly address it, in order to reiterate the importance of everyone’s voice receiving equal weight in a community-driven event.

After the Poll

#### A schedule will be made from the winning topics with some editorial license, and the schedule will be announced to the group at least a week before the event.