Adding Release Notes

On the kubernetes/kubernetes repository, release notes are required for any pull request with user-visible changes, such as bug-fixes, feature additions, and output format changes.

To meet this requirement, do one of the following: - Add notes in the release notes block, or - Update the release note label

If you don’t add release notes in the pull request template, the do-not-merge/release-note-label-needed label is added to your pull request automatically after you create it. There are a few ways to update it.

To add a release-note section to the pull request description:

For pull requests with a release note:

Your release note here

For pull requests that require additional action from users switching to the new release, include the string “action required” (case insensitive) in the release note:

action required: your release note here

For pull requests that don’t need to be mentioned at release time, just write “NONE” (case insensitive):


The /release-note-none comment command can still be used as an alternative to writing “NONE” in the release-note block if it is left empty.

To see how to format your release notes, view the kubernetes/kubernetes pull request template for a brief example. pull request titles and body comments can be modified at any time prior to the release to make them friendly for release notes.

Release notes apply to pull requests on the master branch. For cherry-pick pull requests, see the cherry-pick instructions. The only exception to these rules is when a pull request is not a cherry-pick and is targeted directly to the non-master branch. In this case, a release-note-* label is required for that non-master pull request.