Non-code Contributions

This section is new and in progress. Expect this document to change often.

If you are interested in helping define and structure this work, check the weekly meeting notes for information on how to get involved. You can also find us in the SIG Contributor Experience slack channel.

New contributors welcome!

  • Plan of attack
    • Identify Non-Dev focused roles
      • Tasks tied to these roles
      • Examples:
        • Technical project leadership
          • SIG contribution
        • Leading contributor communities
        • Promotion of people and projects
          • Recognition
        • Managing communication tools
          • Zoom, Slack, Discourse, …
        • Writing articles/blogs
          • Capture it somewhere, not sure where yet
          • Feed into Kube.weekly?
        • Creating artwork
          • Conference specific, project specific
        • Answering questions from community members
        • Updating documentation
          • “Everybody owns docs” can equal “nobody owns docs”
          • Strengthen the entry point for doc ownership
          • Get specific enough so that someone would have an entrypoint to get started and take ownership
          • Funneling more people to SIG-Docs
        • Operations or “Tech” that is generally not considered “dev”
          • e.g. ansible
        • This! (Onboarding and enabling new people)
          • You only get one chance to see this onboarding process for the first time, so a steady stream a fresh eyes is important.
      • Let’s just ask the SIGs!
      • Chat with Paris regarding alternate entry paths, as may have come up during mentoring efforts.
      • Follow up on Contrib-Ex call
    • Identify Non-Dev tasks in primarily Dev roles
      • Is it a dis-service to suggest Docs are Non-Dev?
        • New functionality vs Updates/common documentation