Staging Directory and Publishing

The staging/ directory of Kubernetes contains a number of pseudo repositories (“staging repos”). They are symlinked into Kubernetes’ vendor/ directory for Golang to pick them up.

We publish the staging repos using the publishing bot. It uses git filter-branch essentially to cut the staging directories into separate git trees and pushing the new commits to the corresponding real repositories in the kubernetes organization on Github.

The list of staging repositories and their published branches are listed in publisher.go inside of the bot. Though it is planned to move this out into the repository.

At the time of this writing, this includes the branches

  • master,
  • release-1.8 / release-5.0,
  • and release-1.9 / release-6.0

of the following staging repos in the org:

  • api
  • apiextensions-apiserver
  • apimachinery
  • apiserver
  • client-go
  • code-generator
  • kube-aggregator
  • metrics
  • sample-apiserver
  • sample-controller

Kubernetes tags (e.g., v1.9.1-beta1) are also applied automatically to the published repositories, prefixed with kubernetes- (e.g., kubernetes-1.9.1-beta1). The client-go semver tags (on client-go only!) including release-notes are still done manually.

The semver tags are still the (well tested) official releases. The kubernetes-1.x.y tags have limited test coverage (we have some automatic tests in place in the bot), but can be used by early adopters of client-go and the other libraries. Moreover, they help to vendor the correct version of and

If further repos under staging are need, adding them to the bot is easy. Contact one of the owners of the bot.

Currently, the bot is hosted on the CI cluster of Redhat’s OpenShift (ready to be moved out to a public CNCF cluster if we have that in the future).