Getting Kubernetes Builds

You can use hack/ to get a build or to use as a reference on how to get the most recent builds with curl. With you can grab the most recent stable build, the most recent release candidate, or the most recent build to pass our ci and gce e2e tests (essentially a nightly build).

Run ./hack/ -h for its usage.

To get a build at a specific version (v1.1.1) use:

./hack/ v1.1.1

To get the latest stable release:

./hack/ release/stable

Use the “-v” option to print the version number of a build without retrieving it. For example, the following prints the version number for the latest ci build:

./hack/ -v ci/latest

You can also use the gsutil tool to explore the Google Cloud Storage release buckets. Here are some examples:

gsutil cat gs://kubernetes-release-dev/ci/latest.txt          # output the latest ci version number
gsutil cat gs://kubernetes-release-dev/ci/latest-green.txt    # output the latest ci version number that passed gce e2e
gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-release-dev/ci/v0.20.0-29-g29a55cc/ # list the contents of a ci release
gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-release/release                 # list all official releases and rcs

Install gsutil

Example installation:

$ curl -sSL | sudo tar -xz -C /usr/local/src
$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/src/gsutil/gsutil /usr/bin/gsutil