Deploying a default StorageClass during installation


Usual Kubernetes installation tools should deploy a default StorageClass where it makes sense.

Usual installation tools” are:

  • cluster/
  • kops
  • kubeadm

Other “installation tools” can (and should) deploy default StorageClass following easy steps described in this document, however we won’t touch them during implementation of this proposal.

Where it makes sense” are:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCE
  • Photon
  • OpenStack
  • vSphere

Explicitly, there is no default storage class on bare metal.


In Kubernetes 1.5, we had “alpha” dynamic provisioning on aforementioned cloud platforms. In 1.6 we want to deprecate this alpha provisioning. In order to keep the same user experience, we need a default StorageClass instance that would provision volumes for PVCs that do not request any special class. As consequence, this default StorageClass would provision volumes for PVCs with “alpha” provisioning annotation - this annotation would be ignored in 1.6 and default storage class would be assumed.


  1. Kubernetes will ship yaml files for default StorageClasses for each platform as cluster/addons/storage-class/<platform>/default.yaml and all these default classes will distributed together with all other addons in kubernetes.tar.gz.

  2. An installation tool will discover on which platform it runs and installs appropriate yaml file into usual directory for addon manager (typically /etc/kubernetes/addons/storage-class/default.yaml).

  3. Addon manager will deploy the storage class into installed cluster in usual way. We need to update addon manager not to overwrite any existing object in case cluster admin has manually disabled this default storage class!


  • AWS, GCE and OpenStack has a default StorageClass in cluster/addons/storage-class/<platform>/ - already done in 1.5

  • We need a default StorageClass for vSphere, Azure and Photon in cluster/addons/storage-class/<platform>

  • cluster/ scripts need to be updated to install the storage class on appropriate platforms

    • Already done on GCE, AWS and OpenStack.
  • kops needs to be updated to install the storage class on appropriate platforms

    • already done for kops on AWS and kops does not support other platforms yet.
  • kubeadm needs to be updated to install the storage class on appropriate platforms (if it is cloud-provider aware)

  • addon manager fix: