Add PVC reference in Volume Stats


Pod volume stats tracked by kubelet do not currently include any information about the PVC (if the pod volume was referenced via a PVC)

This prevents exposing (and querying) volume metrics labeled by PVC name which is preferable for users, given that PVC is a top-level API object.


Modify VolumeStats tracked in Kubelet and populate with PVC info:

// VolumeStats contains data about Volume filesystem usage.
type VolumeStats struct {
	// Embedded FsStats
	// Name is the name given to the Volume
	// +optional
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`
+	// PVCRef is a reference to the measured PVC.
+	// +optional
+	PVCRef PVCReference `json:"pvcRef"`

+// PVCReference contains enough information to describe the referenced PVC.
+type PVCReference struct {
+	Name      string `json:"name"`
+	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`


2 options are described below. Option 1 supports current requirements/requested use cases. Option 2 supports an additional use case that was being discussed and is called out for completeness/discussion/feedback.

Option 1

  • Modify kubelet::server::stats::calcAndStoreStats()

    • If the pod volume is referenced via a PVC, populate PVCRef in VolumeStats using the Pod spec

    • The Pod spec is already available in this method, so the changes are contained to this function.

  • The limitation of this approach is that we’re limited to reporting only what is available in the pod spec (Pod namespace and PVC claimname)

Option 2

  • Modify the volumemanager::GetMountedVolumesForPod() (or add a new function) to return additional volume information from the actual/desired state-of-world caches

    • Use this to populate PVCRef in VolumeStats
  • This allows us to get information not available in the Pod spec such as the PV name/UID which can be used to label metrics - enables exposing/querying volume metrics by PV name

  • It’s unclear whether this is a use case we need to/should support:

    • Volume metrics are only refreshed for mounted volumes which implies a bound/available PVC
    • We expect most user-storage interactions to be via the PVC
  • Admins monitoring PVs (and not PVC’s) so that they know when their users are running out of space or are over-provisioning would be a use case supporting adding PV information to metrics