This charter adheres to the conventions described in the Kubernetes Charter README and uses the Roles and Organization Management outlined in sig-governance.


Include a 2-3 sentence summary of what work SIG TODO does. Imagine trying to explain your work to a colleague who is familiar with Kubernetes but not necessarily all of the internals.

In scope

Link to SIG section in sigs.yaml

Code, Binaries and Services

  • list of what qualifies a piece of code, binary or service
  • as falling into the scope of this SIG
  • e.g. clis for working with Kubernetes APIs,
  • CI for kubernetes repos, etc
  • This is NOT a list of specific code locations,
  • or projects those go in sigs.yaml

Cross-cutting and Externally Facing Processes

  • list of the non-internal processes
  • that are owned by this SIG
  • e.g. qualifying and cutting a Kubernetes release,
  • organizing mentorship programs, etc

Out of scope

Outline of things that could be confused as falling into this SIG but don’t or don’t right now.

Roles and Organization Management

This sig follows adheres to the Roles and Organization Management outlined in sig-governance and opts-in to updates and modifications to sig-governance.

Additional responsibilities of Chairs

  • list of any additional responsibilities
  • of Chairs

Additional responsibilities of Tech Leads

  • list of any additional responsibilities
  • of Tech Leads

Deviations from sig-governance

  • list of other ways this SIG’s roles and governance differ from
  • the outline
  • If the SIG doesn’t have either Chairs or Tech Leads specify that here.

Subproject Creation

Pick one:

  1. SIG Technical Leads
  2. Federation of Subprojects